Derm.Render.AnimationService Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Derm.Render.AnimationService:
Derm.Render.RenderKernelContextService Derm.Render.INameable

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Public Member Functions

override void Execute (RenderContext ctx)
 Execute this AnimationService tasks.
void RegisterAnimation (RenderAnimation ani)
void SetBeginTime ()
void UnregisterAnimation (RenderAnimation ani)

Member Function Documentation

override void Derm.Render.AnimationService.Execute ( RenderContext  ctx  )  [virtual]

Execute this AnimationService tasks.

ctx A RenderContext

Implements Derm.Render.RenderKernelContextService.

void Derm.Render.AnimationService.RegisterAnimation ( RenderAnimation  ani  ) 
void Derm.Render.AnimationService.SetBeginTime (  ) 
void Derm.Render.AnimationService.UnregisterAnimation ( RenderAnimation  ani  ) 

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