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Framework Overview

Deux Ex Render Machina (or simply DERM) is an .NET application framework wich allows to rendering using OpenGL standards. The OpenGL standard was choosen because it has an high portability over different systems, it ensure high performances and it's not based on additional proprietary framework. In particoular, DERM requires a forward compatible OpenGL implementation (indeed at least the OpenGL version 3.2 shall be implemented). Rendering operations has executed exclusively with vertex, geometry and fragment shaders.


I've started to develop this idea one or two years ago, in C++. During the summer of 2009 I decided to convert the project in C#. Initially it was based on OpenGL 2.1 standard, and now (at the beginning of 2010), I modified the project to use the new OpenGL 3.2 standard.

Currently the development is in the planning phase. The following features has been added during development:

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