Derm.Render.RenderAnimation Class Reference

Rendering animation. More...

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Public Member Functions

abstract void Animate (TimeSpan aniTime)


abstract object AnimationObject [get]

Detailed Description

Rendering animation.

This class defines a base implementation for rendering animation. The animation is executed before rendering each frame, allowing to modify objects involved in rendering. This execution path mantains a non mutable rendering hierarchy, but could decrease performances since animation blocks rendering operations for its execution.

Classes which implements RenderAnimation are registered to a RenderKernel default service, which execute RenderAnimation implementation. Since the access to the RenderKernel service is synchronized with RenderKernel rendering loop (where animation are executed), the number of accesses to the RenderKernel default service should be minimized.

Member Function Documentation

abstract void Derm.Render.RenderAnimation.Animate ( TimeSpan  aniTime  )  [pure virtual]

Property Documentation

abstract object Derm.Render.RenderAnimation.AnimationObject [get]

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