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Derm.Render.INameable Derm.Render.AnimationService Derm.Render.RenderGarbageService Derm.Render.TextureSetService Derm.Ui.MouseInput

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Public Member Functions

abstract void Execute (RenderContext ctx)
 Execute this service.
void ResetName ()
 Reset the name.


RenderKernel Kernel [get, set]
 Kernel which is associated with the service.
string Name [get, set]
 Name property.

Detailed Description

RenderKernel context service.

The RenderKernelContextService class is used by the RenderKernel to execute tasks with a current RenderContext. A RenderKernelContextService is executed sequentially respect others RenderKernelContextService instances.

The registered ContextService are executed before the rendering pipeline is executed. This is desiderable in the case ContextService instances updates data.

Member Function Documentation

abstract void Derm.Render.RenderKernelContextService.Execute ( RenderContext  ctx  )  [pure virtual]

Execute this service.

ctx A RenderContext used for this RenderKernelContextService operations. The context is the one associated with the RenderKernel which has registered this service.

Implemented in Derm.Render.AnimationService, Derm.Render.RenderGarbageService, Derm.Render.TextureSetService, and Derm.Ui.MouseInput.

void Derm.Render.RenderKernelContextService.ResetName (  ) 

Reset the name.

Implements Derm.Render.INameable.

Property Documentation

RenderKernel Derm.Render.RenderKernelContextService.Kernel [get, set]

Kernel which is associated with the service.

string Derm.Render.RenderKernelContextService.Name [get, set]

Name property.

Implements Derm.Render.INameable.

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