Derm.Render.IVertex Interface Reference

Generic vertex interface. More...

Inheritance diagram for Derm.Render.IVertex:
Derm.Render.IVertex1 Derm.Render.IVertex2 Derm.Render.IVertex3 Derm.Render.IVertex4 Derm.Render.Vertex1b Derm.Render.Vertex1d Derm.Render.Vertex1f Derm.Render.Vertex1i Derm.Render.Vertex1s Derm.Render.Vertex1ub Derm.Render.Vertex1ui Derm.Render.Vertex1us Derm.Render.Vertex2b Derm.Render.Vertex2d Derm.Render.Vertex2f Derm.Render.Vertex2i Derm.Render.Vertex2s Derm.Render.Vertex3b Derm.Render.Vertex3d Derm.Render.Vertex3f Derm.Render.Vertex3i Derm.Render.Vertex3s Derm.Render.Vertex4b Derm.Render.Vertex4d Derm.Render.Vertex4f Derm.Render.Vertex4i Derm.Render.Vertex4s

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Public Member Functions

System.Type GetBaseType ()
 Get the type of the components of this IVertex.
int GetComponentsCount ()
 Get the number of the components of this IVertex.


float this [int idx] [get, set]
 Vertex components indexer.

Detailed Description

Generic vertex interface.

Member Function Documentation

System.Type Derm.Render.IVertex.GetBaseType (  ) 
int Derm.Render.IVertex.GetComponentsCount (  ) 

Property Documentation

float Derm.Render.IVertex.this[int idx] [get, set]

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