Derm.Render.StdPositionalLight Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Derm.Render.StdPositionalLight:
Derm.Render.StdLight Derm.Render.RenderGraphNode Derm.Util.DirectedGraphNode Derm.Render.IShaderState Derm.Render.INameable Derm.Render.StdSpotLight

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Public Member Functions

 StdPositionalLight (ColorRGBAf a, ColorRGBAf d, ColorRGBAf s)
 StdPositionalLight ()

Protected Member Functions

override void SetupLight (RenderContext ctx, ShaderProgram sProgram, string uName, int index)


float ConstantAttenuation [get, set]
 StdLight constant attenuation.
float LinearAttenuation [get, set]
 StdLight constant attenuation.
float QuadricAttenuation [get, set]
 StdLight constant attenuation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Derm.Render.StdPositionalLight.StdPositionalLight (  ) 
Derm.Render.StdPositionalLight.StdPositionalLight ( ColorRGBAf  a,
ColorRGBAf  d,
ColorRGBAf  s 

Member Function Documentation

override void Derm.Render.StdPositionalLight.SetupLight ( RenderContext  ctx,
ShaderProgram  sProgram,
string  uName,
int  index 
) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from Derm.Render.StdLight.

Reimplemented in Derm.Render.StdSpotLight.

Property Documentation

float Derm.Render.StdPositionalLight.ConstantAttenuation [get, set]

StdLight constant attenuation.

float Derm.Render.StdPositionalLight.LinearAttenuation [get, set]

StdLight constant attenuation.

float Derm.Render.StdPositionalLight.QuadricAttenuation [get, set]

StdLight constant attenuation.

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