Derm.Render.IColor Interface Reference

Generic color interface. More...

Inheritance diagram for Derm.Render.IColor:
Derm.Render.IColorBGR< T > Derm.Render.IColorRGB< T > Derm.Render.IColorY< T > Derm.Render.IColorABGR< T > Derm.Render.IColorRGBA< T >

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byte ComponentsCount [get]
 Number of the components of this IColor.
Pixel.Type PixelType [get]
 Pixel.Type of this IColor.
float this [int c] [get, set]
 Color component access.

Detailed Description

Generic color interface.

Property Documentation

byte Derm.Render.IColor.ComponentsCount [get]

Number of the components of this IColor.

A System.Byte indicating the number of color components.
Pixel.Type Derm.Render.IColor.PixelType [get]

Pixel.Type of this IColor.

float Derm.Render.IColor.this[int c] [get, set]

Color component access.

c A System.Int32 indicating the color component index (0 based, not limited by interface). For having meaningfull values set this parameter to a value less than ComponentsCount, otherwise interface implementors shall return 0.0f.

To make them explicit, here is the mapping between RGB/RGBA color components and this parameter:

  • 0: Red component
  • 1: Green component
  • 2: Blue component
  • 3: Alpha component
The color component is converted to/from a normalized floating point number, where 0.0f indicates lowest intensity, while 1.0f indicated highest intensity.

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