Derm.Util.DirectedGraph< T > Class Template Reference

Directed graph. More...

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Static Public Member Functions

static Stack< T > GetHierarchyStack (T node)
 Obtain hierarchy stack from a specific node.


RootNode [get, set]
 Directed graph root node.

Detailed Description

class Derm::Util::DirectedGraph< T >

Directed graph.

Template Parameters:
T The type parameter T shall derive from DirectedGraphNode, allowing the definition of the arcs to other nodes.

A directed graph is defined as a set of nodes connected with a set of directed edges. In this implementation the directed graph has only one root node, and the nodes base implementation is determined from T .

Type Constraints
T :DirectedGraphNode 

Member Function Documentation

template<T >
static Stack<T> Derm.Util.DirectedGraph< T >.GetHierarchyStack ( node  )  [static]

Obtain hierarchy stack from a specific node.

node A T which derives from DirectedGraphNode.
A Stack<T>

Property Documentation

template<T >
T Derm.Util.DirectedGraph< T >.RootNode [get, set]

Directed graph root node.

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