Derm.Render.RenderKernelDetachedService.Job Class Reference

Generic service job. More...

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Public Member Functions

void Execute ()
 Execute this Job.
delegate void OnJobCompleted (Job job)
 Delegate called when this Job is completed.

Protected Member Functions

abstract void ExecuteThisJob ()


OnJobCompleted JobCompleted
 Event raised when this Job has been completed.

Detailed Description

Generic service job.

Member Function Documentation

void Derm.Render.RenderKernelDetachedService.Job.Execute (  ) 

Execute this Job.

abstract void Derm.Render.RenderKernelDetachedService.Job.ExecuteThisJob (  )  [protected, pure virtual]
delegate void Derm.Render.RenderKernelDetachedService.Job.OnJobCompleted ( Job  job  ) 

Delegate called when this Job is completed.

job A Job instance which has been completed.

Event Documentation

OnJobCompleted Derm.Render.RenderKernelDetachedService.Job.JobCompleted

Event raised when this Job has been completed.

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