Derm.Render.RenderHierarchy Class Reference

Hierarchy dedicated for rendering. More...

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Derm.Render.World.World Derm.Ui.UserInterface

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Public Member Functions

void Pick (RenderContext ctx)
 Pick graph nodes.
void Render (RenderContext ctx)
 Render graph nodes.

Detailed Description

Hierarchy dedicated for rendering.

For rendering complex scenes is usually used a directed graph, allowing to order the rendering operations in a proper way. The directed graph nodes represent a group of rendering operations, and the connection between the graph nodes specify a set of ordering of these operations.

The relationship between graph nodes is defined in RenderGraphNode: the local model dependency is propagated to the nodes linked to the current node.

The possible rendering operations are classified in:

Member Function Documentation

void Derm.Render.RenderHierarchy.Pick ( RenderContext  ctx  ) 

Pick graph nodes.

ctx A RenderContext used for picking.
void Derm.Render.RenderHierarchy.Render ( RenderContext  ctx  ) 

Render graph nodes.

ctx A RenderContext used for rendering.

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