Derm.Render.RenderException Class Reference

Exception thrown from RenderContext class. More...

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Public Member Functions

 RenderException (int err, string message)
 RenderException (int err)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CheckErrors ()
 Check for OpenGL errors.


int ErrorCode [get]
 Exception error code.
bool IsFatal [get]
 Fatal error code.

Detailed Description

Exception thrown from RenderContext class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Derm.Render.RenderException.RenderException ( int  err  ) 
Derm.Render.RenderException.RenderException ( int  err,
string  message 

Member Function Documentation

static bool Derm.Render.RenderException.CheckErrors (  )  [static]

Check for OpenGL errors.

It returns true in the case non errors was raised by the previous operations, otherwise it throws a RenderException.

The returned value is necessary for embedding this routine call into an assertion statemenet, since it must be executed at runtime in only few situations.

Property Documentation

int Derm.Render.RenderException.ErrorCode [get]

Exception error code.

bool Derm.Render.RenderException.IsFatal [get]

Fatal error code.

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