Derm.Render.ElementBufferObject< T > Class Template Reference

Element buffer object. More...

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Derm.Render.RenderBufferObject< T > Derm.Render.BufferObject Derm.Render.RenderObject Derm.Render.IRenderObject Derm.Render.IReferenced

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Public Member Functions

 ElementBufferObject (UsageMode dUsage, XferMode dMode)
 Construct an ElementBufferObject.
 ElementBufferObject ()

Detailed Description

class Derm::Render::ElementBufferObject< T >

Element buffer object.

Template Parameters:
Type Constraints
T :struct 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<T >
Derm.Render.ElementBufferObject< T >.ElementBufferObject (  ) 
template<T >
Derm.Render.ElementBufferObject< T >.ElementBufferObject ( UsageMode  dUsage,
XferMode  dMode 

Construct an ElementBufferObject.

dUsage An UsageMode specifying the data buffer usage.
dMode A XferMode specifying the data buffer transfer mode.

Construct a generic RenderBufferObject.

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