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Complex geometry. More...

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class  Surface
 Mesh surface. More...

Public Member Functions

 Mesh (Mesh template)
 Mesh constructor.
 Mesh ()
 Mesh constructor.
void ComputeBounds ()
 Compute mesh bounds.
void ComputeNormals ()
 Automatically compute mesh normals.
void DisableNormals (bool on)
 Temporarly disable mesh normals.
void DisableNormals ()
 Disable mesh normals.
void FlipNormals ()

Protected Types

enum  NormalMode {

Enumeration indicating use vertices normal.



override IEnumerable
< ShaderObject
Attachments [get]
 Mesh class shaders.
BoundVolume Bounds [get, set]
 Bound volume of this Mesh.

Detailed Description

Complex geometry.

Simple geometry can be rendered simply deriving a RenderGraphNode class and setup an appropriate shader program, its inputs and its uniform state. But for complex geometries with multiple primitives types, with normals, multiple texture coordinates, colors and with many other attributes could be hard to handle.

The Mesh class aids the geometry rendering, allowing to subdivide the complex geometry into simpler surfaces.

Every surface, for being part of the same Mesh instance, shall have the same vertices attributes set. It is an error to supply a Surface not coherent with other already defined surfaces. This restriction is necessary to avoid a dedicated ShaderProgram for each surface (and consequent shader input updates). This limitation could be arounded using appropriate render hierarchy, or introducing conditional code in the ShaderPrograms and setup uniform state of specific surfaces.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Derm::Mesh::Mesh::NormalMode [protected]

Enumeration indicating use vertices normal.


Vertices normals are not set.


Vertices normals are set, but are not used.


Each vertex has a normal vector.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Derm.Mesh.Mesh.Mesh (  ) 

Mesh constructor.

Derm.Mesh.Mesh.Mesh ( Mesh  template  ) 

Mesh constructor.

template A Mesh which is used as template.

Member Function Documentation

void Derm.Mesh.Mesh.ComputeBounds (  ) 

Compute mesh bounds.

void Derm.Mesh.Mesh.ComputeNormals (  ) 

Automatically compute mesh normals.

void Derm.Mesh.Mesh.DisableNormals ( bool  on  ) 

Temporarly disable mesh normals.

on A System.Boolean indicating whether the mesh normals are send to the graphic system, without deallocating normal buffers.
void Derm.Mesh.Mesh.DisableNormals (  ) 

Disable mesh normals.

It deallocates normal buffers if it's actually present.

void Derm.Mesh.Mesh.FlipNormals (  ) 

Property Documentation

override IEnumerable<ShaderObject> Derm.Mesh.Mesh.Attachments [get]

Mesh class shaders.

Reimplemented from Derm.Render.RenderGraphNode.

BoundVolume Derm.Mesh.Mesh.Bounds [get, set]

Bound volume of this Mesh.

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